The coaching process

NEWLIVES  work with the candidate's mindset. She becomes what she thinks about herself - so we build a new mindset for a new career identity. Hereafter, together with the we make a CV.

We have many coaching tools ranging from 30 minutes up to 10 hours (see below).

The individual and long coaching process are divided into five different sessions of two hours each with five different focus areas:

  1. Clarification of the candidate's talents, professional / personal skills and passion
  2. Competence review, success stories, personal values
  3. Networking, preparation of CV and application, elevator speech
  4. Refinement of application and CV, tools and methods for job seeking, elevator speech
  5. Elevator speech, practicing the job interview

Between each of these sessions, the candidate have assignments to be made by processing the newly learned input and for her to prepare for the next session.

We build consistency in her presentation of her new career identity.

Follow-up Session (this is only an extra offer to the candidate) happens, for example after three months of job search if the woman have not succeeded with her new goal. What went well for the candidate, and what should be done better and why?