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Our policy

NEWLIVES wants to inspire and support women in prostitution with our coaching tools, enabling them to get a career outside the sex industry.

NEWLIVES is against prostitution, and we are not interested in debating whether prostitution should be legalized fully, partly or made entirely illegal. Basically it is simply not our focus. We do not do this to ignore the various issues within the field but the focus of NEWLIVES is clear:

NEWLIVES wants to spend its time as NGO working effectively with the women, whom we shall inspire and support.

Discretion and focus on the women

NEWLIVES is solely dedicated to delivering a high standard in our coaching programs and support to women in prostitution. Therefore:

  • We do not do interviews involving our candidates directly
  • We keep full discretion and give no reference to any of the women involved in our coaching, talent and inspiration sessions
  • Our focus is to support the women in their pursuit of a new career, as well as develop and expand our coaching and talent tools further

NEWLIVES prides itself on offering coaching and support to each client in the best way we can - anytime.

The “happy sex worker”

Another on-going public debate is about the existence of the so-called “happy sex worker”.

If she exists, we have not yet met her. However, NEWLIVES welcomes all who are interested, and does not ask questions related to an individual’s experiences in and around the sex industry.

Our clients are women who currently work or previously have worked in prostitution, and who seek assistance in finding a career outside prostitution.

30-120 day reflection period

The current Danish legislation that allows persons who are identified as victims of trafficking 30-120 days of legal residence in Denmark is very insufficient.

Victims of trafficking need more that 30 to 120 days to regain the confidence needed to rebuild a new identity or new self-image, to increase their self-esteem and to create the safe foundation for them to enter into a new career outside prostitution.

NEWLIVES has a clear message to Danish politicians: Increase the reflection period!

Lack of government support and founding

NEWLIVES find it important to point out the current lack of public and government support and funding for programs targeting those in prostitution and victims of trafficking.

Several types of different and often individual assistance, support and caring is often needed when exiting prostitution.

And yet the current government’s support and funding is insufficient.

One of the reasons for this is in part due to a lack of interest and a lack of well-established methods and facilities to support the women in an optimal way.

NEWLIVES has a clear message for the Danish politicians: Stop talking, and do the walking!

NEWLIVES' works for all relevant NGOs and other relevant public organisations

At times, Danish NGOs working with women in prostitution loses their original focus on the clients due to internal challenges and lack of funding. Much of the positive inter-organizational synergy that could benefit the women, is then unfortunately lost.

NEWLIVES are available for any women no matter which NGO/ Governmental organization she is referred to us by.


It is always important for NEWLIVES to keep in close contact with relevant employees from either the NGOs, the Danish National Board of Social Services (Servicestyrelsen) or the Centre against Human Trafficking, in order for us to be able to coordinate the best services before, during and after the coaching process each woman completes.

Coaches connected to NEWLIVES work voluntarily and free of charge. Any costs associated with this work are paid by the volunteer themselves, unless otherwise notified.