Females for sale

FEMALES FOR SALE - an image campaign in 2015 on sugardating, prostitution and trafficking.

Prostitution is not a choice; it is a survival strategy for women who do not have better opportunities. Trafficking is the very dark side of prostitution with the grave abuse of young girls and women who are forced into prostitution.

NEWLIVES has many years of experience in helping both prostitutes and victims of sex trafficking through coaching and empowerment.

By making the images, we wanted to tell the women's stories about prostitution, the selling of their bodies as a commodity, the consequences of prostitution that they have experienced and sugar dating is the very start of a life as a prostitute.

The strongest message, though, is the picture of a trafficked woman's development over time, when she is a victim of trafficking.

The images can be downloaded as high resolution image files or as a poster for your print. All pictures refer to more information about prostitution or trafficking. Please click on your preferred picture below to download your own wall paper!

Model: Julie Rosenstand Ølgaard, Actresses. Stylist: Lina Maarouf, Make-up artist. Photo: Lars Krogh Vammen, Photographer.