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Our empowerment is based on personal coaching. Our coaching products are a mix of many different tools including a special dedicated outplacement program also used in business life. The aim is that each candidate achieves a new insight into her own professional identity. We use different products to meet the woman individually at all levels of her motivation.

While many of those we have coached have been involved in the sex industry, and have their personal share of emotional hardships, bad experiences and memories from their former lives – they all also have their own personal share of talents, potential strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

A NEWLIVES coach knows how to find her inner potential, her many (and often hidden) strengths and her values.. The coach inspires the woman to learn how she can make use of her potential, and we support the woman in creating a new career– all the way.…


Anti-trafficking campaigns to the public is another part of NEWLIVES very versatile work.

Through new and innovative campaigns we want to influence the attitudes of the public about trafficking and prostitution in a direction that will affect and limit the demand for prostitution.

In the recent years, NEWLIVES campaigns has been quite unique and very innovative. Our campaigns are very different and they involve everything from live operations, virtual activities and advanced printed material e.g. our “price tags for women”.

NEWLIVES are also actively located in the virtual world as we are heading two major information sites which inform the public in Denmark as well as in Europe about trafficking and its consequenses. More than 25 international NGO´s are supportive to our international site.…