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Join us

By working as a volunteer in the NEWLIVES group, you will have a great impact on other people. By helping others begin afresh - you will soon be able to grow in your own life in a new way; not in terms of money, but in the number of individuals whose lives you have touched.

Working as a volunteer coach and doing talent sessions is an extremely giving thing.

Many women all over Europe need NEWLIVES support. Therefore, we urgently need more volunteers to work as a job or talent coaches in other countries.

To be a coach in the NEWLIVES group you should have a number of the following competences:

Professional competences:

  • Personal experience changing careers or otherwise having made a successful step into a new life.
  • Practical experience in competence development, HR, coaching and /or social work.
  • Experience in managing people, conflict management and teaching.
  • An updated knowledge of the job market, job seeking activities incl. CV & application issues.
  • Good at interacting with people from different cultures, ability to communicate with non-academics and academics on almost any subject.
  • Expert in small talk, or otherwise knowing how to open a dialogue.
  • Being a generalist (rather than a specialist).
  • Academic degree / a diploma or otherwise matching level of practical experience.

Personal competences:

  • High level of empathy and a natural ear for listening.
  • A surplus of personal energy and the time to spend on the candidates.
  • A strong personal drive, perseverance, creativity and a lot of patience.
  • Outspoken, good sense of humour, generous with your thoughts and ideas.
  • Motivation to fight for and to support the candidates to reach the coaching objectives.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English (Other languages e.g. Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Romanian are also beneficial).

Before you become a coacn in NEWLIVES and meet any of the candidates, you must:

  • Pass two job interviews with some of your future colleagues.
  • Accept and sign a confidential disclosure agreement made by Servicestyrelsen.
  • Read specific literature (to be handed out), in order to learn about this industry and the many aspects of working with individuals in prostitution or victims of human trafficking.


The coaching is done in different locations in the centre of Copenhagen, typically on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3pm to 8pm, depending of your preference. All locations are accessible via S-trains and city buses.

If you are interested, please either:

  • Send us a few words about yourself on info@newlives.dk
  • Or call phone no. +45 22 15 04 48, ask for Jakob
  • Or contact one of our collaborators (seen in another link on this site) and ask for Jakob.

Do you want further information, you're welcome to contact us by mail.