Our coaching

Our coaching process aims to generate a new mindset for the candidate, and the ultimate goal is to give each candidate new insight regarding themselves and their professional identity.

We use different coaching products to meet the woman individually from her personal needs.

All the women we over time have coached, have all been involved in the sex industry. They all have their personal share of emotional hardships, bad experiences and memories from their lives in prostitution. But each and every one of these women have their own personal share of talent, potential strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

A NEWLIVES coach knows how the woman supported best that she finds her inner potential, her many (and often hidden) strengths and inner values. Our coach inspires the woman through dialogue and exercises to learn how she can make use of her potential.

Our coaches respects and understands the many issues involved with prostitution and trafficking. This is absolutely necessary for us to help the candidate to move on to a new life.

We want to support the woman all the way for her to create a new future. As we say: "we hold her hand until she either gets the job or, depending on her needs, has begun a study."