Our collaborators

Our collaborators are extremely important to us, because they are the organizations in contact with women who has been victims of human trafficking and/or are involved with prostitution.

Our collaborators puts us into contact with women who wish a new life outside of prostitution, and therefore needs help moving on. They also identify which women are in most need of our help.

Our collaborators make their premises available to us, so we can coach the women in a secure environment.

If one of our coaches are giving talent- or inspiration sessions for a group of women those sessions are also conducted in a safe environment, with the presence of employees from one of our collaborators in a room next door.

The following five are our collaborators:

Reden International

Reden International are fighting trafficking of women, and they offer practical help for foreign women working as prostitutes in Denmark. For more information visit www.redeninternational.dk

Center mod Menneskehandel (CMM)

Center against Trafficking (CMM) works on a national and international level to help victims of human trafficking. For more information visit www.centermodmenneskehandel.dk

Kompetencecenter Prostitution

Kompetencecenter Prostitution works to ensure better living conditions for prostitutes and to offer the prostitutes options to leave the sex industry. This is done for example via outreach activities and (phone)counselling. The center also focus on pre-emptive work for instance to prevent young people to not get involved in prostitution-like relationships. For more information visit www.socialstyrelsen.dk


Svanegrupperne (The Swan Groups) is a free offer for Danish speaking, drug free women who have left or wish to leave prostitution. Each group is composed of 7-8 women. For more information visit www.svanegrupperne.dk

Projekt Exit Prostitution

The project helps prostitutes in Copenhagen who wants to get out of prostitution or wants a better quality of life within prostitution. The offer is for both men and women. For more information visit www.kk.dk/prostitution

In NEWLIVES we are always looking for new, relevant collaborators, so if you wish work with us, do not hesitate to contact us.