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About us

NEWLIVES is a small but very ambitious non-governmental network working voluntarily for 17 years.

With our concept of empowerment we have specialized in providing women with background in prostitution and women who are former victims of trafficking a new self-image and strengthen them, so they are able to get out of prostitution.

NEWLIVES is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit network, which consists of a group of people with professional backgrounds in management, business, law, marketing, trade, social work and human resource management.

NEWLIVES has worked with empowerment of women and the fight against human trafficking since 2007, but the organization was not officially founded as an NGO before the spring of 2013. (Interim changed into a network in 2022). NEWLIVES have a strong, committed and professional approach to our candidates and our partners.

In 2011 NEWLIVES received a humanitarian award for our dedicated work with empowerment, coaching and guidance of foreign and also Danish women.


NEWLIVES 'aim is, through career coaching, empowerment tools and other activities to strengthen both foreign and Danish prostitutes to get out of prostitution. We do this by focusing on the women's personal skills and potentials in new ways.

NEWLIVES also aims to increase awareness through innovative campaigns that prostitution and human trafficking also takes place in Denmark, create debate and get more help to prostitutes and victims of human trafficking.

NEWLIVES' philosophy

NEWLIVES do not go after jobs or tell women what to think and do.

We coach the women in how they think about their future and thus - for themselves - they learn how they can succeed in creating their own future.