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Voiceless Women

Voiceless Women

In 2018, NEWLIVES, together with NGOs across Europe, launched a small, but incredibly strong, film that focuses on the inhuman environment that women in prostitution live in.
The film focuses on sex buyers’ reviews of prostitutes and is based on men who read real reviews from a site similar to what we know from for example TrustPilot. But they do it through a bunch of undressed women, who appear vulnerable and voiceless. It gives us an insight into a cold and offensive view on women and into what women in prostitution must tolerate.
The film is produced by Uitch Iscratch, whom NEWLIVES has previously worked with to raise awareness of trafficking. All actors in the film work voluntarily and Uitch Iscratch has not received any money from NEWLIVES.

The film received many awards in Denmark and internationally during 2019.

​The advertising industry in Denmark nominates the best advertising and campaign films within 20 categories among 200 films. It happens at the annual TRUE AWARD show. Here NEWLIVES' film won six awards:

  • Film of the Year 2019

  • Gold in the category Best Film, Long

  • Best Direction

  • Best Cinematography

  • Best Sound Design

  • Advertiser of the Year

Furthermore ”The Voiceless Women" won three awards at Cannes Film Festival. The film received a "Silver Lion" within the category for a typical NGO film. There were 1.186 films from 52 countries.

The film also competed with the best in USA and internationally in 2019. Here the film won "The Pencil" in the category IMPACT!

At the European championship in advertising and campaign films, EUROBEST 2019, "The Voiceless Women" won three X AWARDS in the following categories:

  • Silver: Not for Profit/Charity/Government

  • Bronze: Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight

  • Bronze: Non-Profit/ Foundation-led Education & Awareness

​And last but not least, the film won two X AWARDS in the same category at CLIO HEALTH, New York.

  • Gold Award: Partnerships & Collaboration

  • Silver Award : Partnerships & Collaboration

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