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Success stories

Some of our many successes

The best output from a long coaching process is reached only if the coach kindly pushes the candidate.

In this way, the candidate can reach new visions and insight, which can be the first and solid step into a new career.

Seeing a person reach new insights about themselves - to see in their face that they have suddenly reached a kind of "mental-high" based on new realizations and to find out that they did it (got the job they wanted) is second-to-none for a coach.

This is why we invest our time, coaching and support the women.

Many of our candidates have achieved this, and later shared their gratitude for the help they had received from NEWLIVES.

Below are some of the reactions we have received over the last few years - comments that make it worthwhile to be a volunteer, making a difference for another person.

The comments below are cited in the women’s own words (this is documented in our files).

Danish woman, 32 years old

Hi. I am now working as (job position) at X. Thank you for coaching me, but most of all, thank you for having seen me for what I am. All the best, Jane Doe DK.

Danish woman, 39 years old

It is finally time to tell you the great news. I am writing to you from my new office, at my new job as (job position) at X-company.

I just wanted to let you know how it was going, and say thank you so much for working with me. I am so grateful for the time you spent with me, and I think it is fantastic that people like you exist in the world - who help others, without being paid for it. A great thanks. Smile. Jane Doe DK2.

Danish woman, 38 years old

I got the job! It is so great, and exciting! And I was chosen out of 80 candidates! I just wanted to say thanks for helping me give structure to my CV - it made just the difference that was needed! Jane Doe DK3.

Danish woman, 36 years old

I started as (job position) the first of (month), and I am so happy to be working again. You were a great help. Many thanks, Jane Doe DK4.

Romanian woman, 27 years old

Thank you for the interest and time you invest in me.... Jane Doe RU1

Romanian woman, 22 years old

Thank you because you want to help me with my CV, and because you learn me so many things about myself. If I would not have met you, I would never have the power to go to one interview and I would never have such a good CV. I really learned so many things from you and I am glad I met you. You really have good experience and I think that you know that. You give the power to fight, and this power I lose it long time ago. But you give it back to me and this mean so much for me, because now I can believe again in myself and I am not scared of myself no more. I hope the best for you, I hope you to have good life with your kids. Jane Doe RU2.

Russian woman, 46 years old

Thanks for you helping me. You have done a good job with me. I thank you much. Jane Doe RU1

Nigerian woman, 30 years old

I thank God that I met you. You are fantastic and I owe you so much. Thank God for you, thank you!! Jane Doe NI1