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How much does your female body cost?

NEWLIVES make ongoing campaigns to draw attention to the problems and dangers of prostitution and trafficking. We do campaigns because we believe it is important that the Danes, the country's politicians and organizations  keep the focus on the fact that prostitutes and trafficked women need help.

Anti-trafficking campaigns to the public is another part of NEWLIVES very versatile work. Through new and innovative campaigns we want to influence the attitudes of the public about trafficking and prostitution in a direction that both affect and limit the demand for prostitution.

Our campaigns are very quite unique, innovative and they involve everything from operations, virtual activities and advanced printed matter. We provoke, inform and make the issue of trafficking and prostitution very visible in our society.

NEWLIVES has over the years gained a good cooperation with several of the best actors and actresses in Denmark who support our anti-trafficking campaigns in several ways, for example. by putting themselves up for sale on the major shopping street in Copenhagen, as well as the actors have recorded short but very tough movies.

NEWLIVES an active part in the virtual world by heading two large information sites that inform the public in both Denmark and Europe about trafficking and its consequences. More than 25 international NGO's have joined our site.

Anyone can contribute to our campaign work - you too - join us.